Threadist revives this beautiful technique from the time it was popular in 1960s. String art is a beautiful and creative technique, which consists of three simple materials; nails, threads and wooden board.

The technique is ideal for creative expression for adults and teenagers.

The nails are hammered in a pattern on the wooden board and then the threads are wrapped around the nails to bring the design to life.

Threadist has made it much easier for you to learn the technique with exclusive DIY Kit, where you get everything you need in a nice package right to your door.

Are you ready to create your own masterpiece?

What is String Art?

DIY String Art Kit


Why should you try DIY kit?

  1. You can easily and simply learn a new technique with nails and threads and stand out with a new skill in 2021.

  2. You stimulate your fantasy, challenge yourself and get a creative experience.

  3. You get the opportunity to be an artist from home.

  4. You can decorate and create attractive surroundings in your home forever with an artwork of nails and threads.

  5. You can either give your handmade professional artwork as a gift or give a DIY kit to your loved ones.

Does that sound interesting?

What does DIY String Art Kit include?

You get the most exclusive products collected and recommended by the artist. In that way you are sure to get a beautiful piece of art, just to hang up. 

  • Art Template pattern

  • 1 x woodboard (30 x 21 cm)

  • Silver nails

  • Threads

  • Step-by-step guide

  • Reference picture 

You will only need a hammer and your creativity 🎉


How to use DIY String Art Kit?

Threadist understands the importance of stimulating our fantasy and challenging the way we think, which is why we have created the opportunity for you with a DIY Kit, where you have the opportunity to unfold your creativity in new ways.

  • We send everything you need so you can effortlessly get started to express yourself creatively and artistically. 

  • Use this kit to create a beautiful artwork you can decoreate your surrondings with. 

  • We have made it easier for you to make an artwork by following the instructions in this material.

  • All patterns and instructions provided by Threadist are tested: the artwork illustrated in the photos has been created using the exact same pattern in the Template.

What are you waiting for?

Customer Review

image1 (1).jpeg

It has been a huge success to make this art. The process of going in depth and exploring this new world is absolutely amazing. I have enjoyed making the artwork. it has been fun and educational and is an experience you will not forget. I will definitly recommend it.

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I made this artwork for my family on Valentine's Day. They were completely surprised and fascinated. It is a perfect gift because it is not only visual decor but has also a great emotional value. I made it completely white to match our surroundings. I will order other designs too, thank you for making it easy.

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