Make your own artwork easily!

This digital template will help you create your own outstanding masterpiece out of nails and string. I have made it easier for you to make an artwork by following the instructions in this material.
Create Ramadan & Eid spirit by decoration your home with handmade artwork.
The PDF file contains:
Step by step guide incl. photo instructions
	Printable artwork pattern in standard A4 paper size
	Materials list
	Technique guide (tips & tricks)
	Video tutorial


Print out the PDF, place the pattern on a woodboard and start making the artwork. The pattern is suitable for A4size (21 x 30 cm) wood board, or bigger, if you wish.

	If you wish to have the pattern in a different size, write to me and I'll be happy to accommodate you.

	All patterns and instructions provided by Threadist are tested: the artwork illustrated in the photos has been created using the exact same pattern in the Template.

	Difficulty level: Easy
	Average completion time: 3 hours. (depending on skill level)

	This product is for personal use only.	 

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