The artist behind Threadist

My name is Isra Mohannad and I'm the artist behind Threadist. I'm born and raised in Denmark and have Iraqi roots. 


I express myself artistically through an untraditional technique with threads and nails on wood boards. I have created my own creative universe where I unfold my creativity in an unique way. 

At the time I discovered string art I was in the second year of my engineering degree. It all started as a hobby that evolved into an independent business because of the great demand and fascination that my art met.

My background has subconsciously inspired me to combine different materials and create beautiful and aesthetic expressions. I'm a curious individual and love to explore new ways of doing things.​

My Artwork

Many people use nails and threads in other contexts - I see and use them to interpret my creativity and the endless potential of the materials. Often it is not about the materials but how we use and interpret their function.


I want to show what a combination of wood, nails and threads can create - exposition of emotions and visual expressions.​ Take a look at my gallery and explore the unique technique of String Art 

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